Agroforestry, Environment and Biodiversity

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How to Fight Soil Erosion

  1. How to Fight Sandy Soil's Erosion
  2. How to Fight Soil Erosion by planting Vetiver Grass
  3. How to Fight Soil Erosion
  4. How to Protect Cultures from the Wind
  5. How to Restore Soil
  6. How to Stop Gullies on Eroded Slopes


  1. How to Re-vegetalize Land Using Seed Balls
  2. How to Start Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR)
  3. How to Use Fences against Desertification

Forest Regeneration

  1. Orphan Trees (Principles)
  2. How to Protect the Forest's Biodiversity
  3. How to Start a Tree Nursery
  4. How to Use Seedballs to Improve Biodiversity

Growing Trees

  1. How to Grow Allanblackia Trees
  2. How to Grow Argan
  3. How to Grow Fruits and Nuts in the Desert
  4. How to Grow Marula
  5. How to Grow Moringa Trees
  6. How to Grow Morongo
  7. How to Grow Neem Trees
  8. How to Grow Shea Trees (Karité, Nku, Bambuk Butter tree)
  9. How to Grow White Sapota


  1. How to Collect Seeds
  2. How to Start a Community Seed Bank


  1. Gene Pool Protected Fishing
  2. How to Build an Artificial Reef
  3. How to Build Reef Balls

Lakes and Rivers

  1. How to Control Water Hyacinth
  2. How to Improve Water Quality with Aquatic Plants

Natural Weeds and Pest Control

  1. How to Control Termite without Chemicals
  2. How to Protect Plantations Against Elephants
  3. How to Use Chillies as a Natural Pesticide
  4. How to Use Garlic as a Natural Pesticide
  5. How to Use Neem as a Natural Pesticide

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