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Article 25 Development and Disaster Relief is the new name for the charity Architects for Aid. a[25] is a UK-based charity focused on designing, building, and managing built projects that provide better shelter wherever there is disaster, poverty, or need. a[25] works alongside aid organisations, (i)NGOs, and communities around the world. The a[25] mission is to bring experienced, field-appropriate professional expertise and academically rigorous research findings in building-related work, to NGOs and charities in the shelter sector. The a[25] role is the responsible stewardship of the building process from start to finish.

As a complement to field-based work, a[25] also collaborates with practitioners, universities, and organisations on research projects targeted towards testing and applying innovative and cost-effective technologies in disaster relief and devlepment. As part of this educational mission, a[25] has also created the first ever industry recognised Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses in humanitarian architecture. The goal is to build a platform where best practices can be shared and applied across regions and where professionals can discuss, contribute and share skills, knowledge, and new technologies with the professional community.This is why a[25] supports howtopedia./



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