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These articles are requested to be translated to Spanish.
Please do not translate the categories at the end of the articles as they will be used all over the website

  • Please add the tag {{Spanish Translation}} at the bottom of the article being translated and remove it when you are finished with the translation).
  • Replace the tag [[Category:Requested translation to Spanish]] from the original article
  • Add the tag [[Category:Spanish Review]] to the newly translated article (in the spanish article)
  • As well as the interwiki links to both orgininal and new articles by adding

[[fr:French Article Title]] [[en:English Article Title]] [[es:Spanish Article Title]] [[ar:...]] [[bn:...]] [[hi:...]] [[jv:...]] [[pt:...]] [[ru:...]] [[sw:...]] [[ta:...]] [[zh:...]] at the very end of the article.
Thank you!!