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Who we are?
A non-profit organization based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Our Vision
The vision behind howtopedia is the belief in an autonomous, alternative development through the diffusion of simple technologies and practical knowledge. We believe that each individual should have at his reach tools and information for empowerment.
Internet is a powerful media, which more and more people are aware of as an inestimable source of information. The specific resource for development aid is increasing constantly, but there is a need for a one-stop information place addressed to the broad public.

Our Mission
Our objective is to become the reference for people looking for resources for empowerment. We promote simple technologies in all areas of daily life.
howtopedia focuses on a bottom-up strategy. It collects and disseminates self-help resources and know-how in order to facilitate the local self-organization worldwide.

Simple technologies

  • Cause minimal cost
  • Use local materials
  • Require minimal skills
  • Are easy to maintain
  • Protect the environment and comply with the principle of sustainability
  • Are solution-oriented
  • Help acquire new skills

Core tasks
howtopedia’s central activities are:

  • The propagation and promotion of simple technologies
  • The collection of knowledge in the field of simple technologies and practical knowledge
  • The exchange of knowledge, and knowledge transfer between organizations, research institutes, innovators and individuals
  • Promoting the innovation
  • Facilitating access to information, especially in transitional and developing countries
  • The recruitment of new users

howtopedia provides an Internet platform that can be exploited as an open online library by registered organizations and individuals across borders. Its content is the result of collaborative work and it acts as an interface between information providers and users. howtopedia pursues information control.

How to take part to our project
You can participate by :

  • Sharing your experience by writing or translating articles. Contact us to get a user name and editing rights
  • Inform us about free of right information sources
  • Using the site and talking about it
  • Sending us your feedback about the website or your story at
  • Or help us financialy for hardware, software, maintenance and communication expenses. Support howtopedia!

If you would like to publish an article but do not have time, e-maill us your project page link, or send the documents and we will add your project page to our library.

howtopedia is committed to not-for-profit principles. The work of the association is supported by staff and volunteers from Switzerland and worldwide. The funding is achieved through membership fees, donations and contributions from individuals, businesses, foundations, governmental and international organizations. However, howtopedia accepts contributions only if full independence in conducting the projects is guaranteed.

How to contact us

  • info at (de, en, es, fr, it, pt, tr)

// Howtopedia // Maud Châtelet // Langstrasse 193 // 8004 Zürich // Switzerland // 00 41 76 422 3003

Special thanks
We would like to thank especially Practical Action and INTI for their confidence and their support.

We need your support to finance the project. Any help is very welcomed: Support howtopedia!

Many Thanks to all of you.