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Why Start a Neighbourhood Association

  1. How to Collect the Knowledge of the Community
  2. How to Create a Product Distribution Network
  3. How to Encourage New Projects in the Neighbourhood
  4. How to Organize Events in the Neighbourhood
  5. How to Start a Community Seed Bank
  6. How to Start a Neighbourhood Association
  7. How to Start a Neighbourhood Kindergarten
  8. How to Start a Publication
  9. How to Start a Small Cooperative
  10. How to Start Neighbourhood Services

Community Events Ideas

  1. How to Organize a Seed Fair
  2. Neighbourhood Fairs
  3. The "I Can Teach You That, What Can You Teach Me" Fair
  4. The Beautiful Shop Competition
  5. The Beautiful Street Competition

Risk Managment

  1. How to Prepare a Risk Map
  2. Principles of Environmental Risk Prevention

Intentional Communities

  1. How to Write Rules and Agreements for an Intentional Community

Community Currencies and Community Finance

  1. How to Demonstrate How Community Currencies Work
  2. How to Start a Micro-Lending Organization

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