How to Encourage New Projects in the Neighbourhood

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This article is a draft. It was just started and needs further work.


This document is intended to help people start projects that require public approval.


As one adresses a problem that can only be solved by many the result's are often poor. As an example, think of the waste situation in a settlement without a waste management organization, company or commonly agreed concept of waste disposal and storage. The organic kitchen waste is thrown on some area near the house, which is an easy solution as the biomass equally distributed around the house doesn't appear to be a threat. One day a migrating rat population is invading the houses leading to confusion and sudden viral infections. After some research it is evident that the organic waste has to be collected and treated. People agree to put the waste on one site 300m away from the settlement. The count of viral infections decreases, but nightly strolling around of rats remains an unpleasant talk in the area.