General Suggestions to Start with Mechanics

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The following are some general suggestions to start with.

The first thing you will need is a place to work that has a floor and access to electricity. You need the floor to catch parts that you drop. Especially really small nuts, washers, and screws. A magnet on a stick is good for fishing for dropped stuff.
Some of the tools you will need are:

  • 1. A drop cord or work light.
  • 2. A set of metric socket wrenches. Set of metric open end wrenches.
  • 3. A torque wrench. Many parts stores like autozone will loan you the torque wrench.
  • 4. You should get an empty coffee can, or tray of some sort, preferably metal, to put parts into as you remove them.
  • 5. A note book and pencil to write down each part as you remove them so you know where to put them back. Use masking tape to mark wires and terminals, plugs.
  • 6. A card table or work bench that you can set next to the truck to hold parts and tools would be good.
  • 7. Buy a good quality gasket.
  • 8. You will need sturdy scraper to remove the old gasket.
  • 9. You will need a lot of patience and persistence. Working on cars is hard dirty work that requires a lot of strength and determination. If you clean the parts as you remove them, and add paint as needed, it will look better when you are through.
  • 10. Remove things until you get down to the head, then remove it. remove the old gasket. Thoroughly clean the head and engine block. use a wire brush or steel wool as needed.
  • 11. The head bolts should be tightened in a set sequence, and to a specific torque that is unique to your engine. That information is in the engine specifications for your engine year and model. The exact numbers are available at a library or perhaps on line.

Working on internal combustion engines is mostly common sense and experience. You get experience by doing the work. No one else can do it for you or tell you how, or show you pictures. So roll up your sleeves and get started.

Be very careful not to open any part of the air conditioning system. The refrigerant is under pressure and is expensive to replace.
The biggest mistake is to get in a hurry and rush through it.
The best mechanics are careful and meticulous.
Use the right tool for the task. The correct socket. never pliers or vise grips. A breaker bar will help on tight bolts.
Good luck.