How to Dry Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs and Nuts

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This article is a draft. It was just started and needs further work.

Drying Apple Rings

  1. Cut an apple in slices like a cucumber (you can peel it or not if it had no pesticides on it). If you have the tool for it, take the center of the apple away first.
  2. Put the apple slices quickly in a solution of clean water and lemon juice or of clean water and salt (sea water is not clean enough).
  3. make a long "nakelace" with the apple rings on a cord or a string,
  4. Hang the string with the apple rings in a shaded, warm and well ventilated place.

The rings should be dry within approximatly 2 days, depending on the temperature and humidity of the location. Deanna Lim Min

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