How to Grow Potatoes in Tyres

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This article is a draft. It was just started and needs further work.

Potatoes in a tyre

Potatoes are easy to grow, but tough to harvest, here is an easy way to do this using a few old tires.

What you'll need:

  • 3 or 4 old tires - most places that fix tyres will be happy to have you take away a few.
  • 4 Seed potatoes - you can get these from an agricultural supplier, if that's not possible then 6 regular potatoes should work, but you won't get as high a yield.
  • Straw or other Mulch.


If you started with regular potatoes, put them in a dark place until they start sprouting.

  • Pick a location
  • Place some cardboard on the ground, on it place the tyre, spread the potatoes around the inside of the tyre, on the cardboard and cover them with about 5cm of mulch. Wait ....
  • The potatoes should grow up through the mulch, when they are sticking out about 15 or 20cm then stack another tyre and add more mulch, leaving about 2cm of growth sticking through. Keep doing this until the shoots start to flower. Wait ....
  • When the flowers die, lift off the tyres, amid the mulch should be a bumper crop of potatoes, with the added bonus that they'll already be clean.


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