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This page is a forum for requesting images from other howtopedians for howtopedia articles.

Using this page

Use this page to post requests for images that you would like to be used on a howtopedia article. Others can then upload the image(s).

Copyright Warning

Howtopedia can accept only photographs and pictures that are licensed compatibly with the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL) or are in the public domain. Fair use images are sometimes also acceptable. A complete guideline of what is acceptable can be found at Wikipedia:Image use policy.

  • The simplest way to ensure that is to make them ourselves and explicitly release them under the GFDL by adding Template:Tl to the image description page
  • It is also possible to put your own pictures in the public domain by adding 'Template:Tl to the image page
  • Other copyright options and tags can be found at Wikipedia:Image copyright tags.
  • If you're asking someone else for permission to use their image under the GFDL license, see Request for Permission

Posting a request

Before posting, please do the following steps:

  • Request images only for existing articles, i.e. if there is no article, then please write an article first before requesting.
  • Add the request here if you could not find a picture. Select an appropriate subcategory or add a proper category or subcategory in the alphabetical list. Note that there are separate areas below for photographs and graphics/diagrams. Please copy your request in the edit summary so that recent requests can easily be seen on the page history.
  • Link to the article for which you would like to have the picture added, and describe what kind of picture you need. Signing the request is optional.
  • Add only one picture request per bullet.

Add the tag which would then list the article in Category:howtopedia requested images.