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INTI is the International Network for Technical Information which was founded in 1998. The main objective of the network is to create a synergy to improve the services provided through co-operation and mutual support. It links significant European institutions which are providing technical information mainly in the fields of agriculture and nutrition, veterinary medicine, energy, water and sanitation, building, textiles and training. INTI supports organisations in the south to run local inquiry services by capacity building and by answering very specific questions

Generally, INTI is not restricted to European groups but is open to all information services whose technical focus is on so-called appropriate technologies.

INTI members aspire:

  • to improve the exchange of information in the field of technical enquiries,
  • to increase knowledge and skills,
  • to save resources by the exchange of materials,
  • to link development work,
  • to increase the impact of the question and answer services.


INTI Members

Agromisa Centre for Small-Scale Sustainable Agriculture

DIO - Diergeneeskunde In Ontwikkelingssamenwerking
Foundation for Veterinary Medicine in Developing Cooperation

WOT - Working Group On Development Techniques

GATE-GTZ - German Appropriate Technology Exchange - German Agency for Technical Cooperation

TaT - Transferzentrum für angepasste Technologien Gmbh
Transfer Centre For Appropriate Technologies

FAKT Beratung für Management, Bildung und Technologien GmbH

HDRA - Henry Doubleday Research Association - The organic association Ryton Organic Gardens

Practical Action The Schumacher Centre for Technology and Development