Portable Devices for the Production of a Chlorine-Based Solution

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Antenna Wata TM



The machine is used to manufacture a concetrated bleach solution through electrolysis using the Antenna-Wata. This device was developed and patented by Antenna, a Swiss NGO.Organisations like RESEDA promote it locally.


  • Equip rural health centers
  • Make the device available to users of low-cost technologies.

Description / Features

Using the device WataTM Antenna will allow you to produce 1 liter of disinfectant per hour with the concentration of 6000 mg /liter available chlorine. You will need:

  • 1 liter of water and 1 liter bottle (the bottom part of a mineral water bottle will do)
  • 25 grams of salt (a tablespoon)
  • Electricity (4A at 12V DC for 1 hour).

Warning: the current source must be capable of delivering at least four amps at 12 volts continu.It is strictly prohibited to use a power source voltage higher than 15 Volt

Implementation of the Technology

  • Put salt in the bowl and add water, stirring (25 grams of salt)
  • Stir well to dissolve the salt
  • Immerse the unit in water
  • Connect the terminals of the device to the corresponding ones of the battery
  • Allow the electrolysis to proceed for 1 hours

The disinfectant concentrate obtained is diluted by adding twice the volume of water. This diluted solution is now ready for use for:

  • The disinfection of instruments, machinery and utensils in food
  • Disinfection of soil (health, local hospitals, restaurants etc..)
  • Disinfection of equipment common to a clinic or hospital (excluding surgical equipment: they must be sterilized by autoclaving)
  • Disinfection of furniture in a clinic or hospital
  • Disinfection preliminary adjuvant cleaning textiles in hospitals (blouses, sheets, etc..)

Water for human consumption is usually chlorinated to ensure a final concentration of chlorine residual of at least 1 mg / l (WHO). This means that a liter of concentrated solution (6000 mg / l available chlorine) provided by Antenna-WataTM can use in the chlorination of several thousand liters of drinking water (up to nearly 6 m3 of water per liter of concentrated solution in the best cases, ie. when the water is perfectly clear). When the water is turbid, it must be filtered through a sand filter for example, before using the chlorine solution

Advantages and disadvantages / constraints


  • System's very low cost
  • Ease of use
  • Broad range of applications
  • 10,000 liters produced with a single device


  • Capacity is limited to one liter of very concentrated solution per hour

Cost of the Technology

Investment Machine production of bleach: Average Cost of Antenna-Wata: 150 � or 129 395 FrCFA

Area / Scope

The chlorine production device is used in city and countryside The chlorine production device is used in the fields of water for human consumption as well as in the health and hygiene sectors.

Potential Users

Healthcare Professionals, village's water reservoir, Businesses, Families.


Antenna Technologies 29, rue de Neuch�tel CH-1201 Geneva Tel. + 41 22 731 10 34 Fax + 41 22 731 97 86 antenna.ch

RESEDA , BP 12 719, Niamey, Niger - Tel +227 20 37 10 01 - Fax +227 20 37 10 02 - NIF 6999 www.niger-ue.net


Watalys is a similar device, portable, easy to use and cheap.


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