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Installation Guide

Step 1 - Remove
 	  If remodeling, remove old balusters and any nails that may exist.
Step 2 - Layout

Layout balusters on treads where they are 4” on center, or where it meets your local building code.

Use a level to lay out holes under handrail and mark.

 Step 3 - Drill

Drill holes ¾” up into handrail and 2” down into tread with appropriate sized drill bit.

 Step 4 - Cut

To measure the baluster length on a normal rake, pull your measurements from the center of the hole on the tread to the highest part of the hole on the handrail and add 5/8”-3/4”. Always cut from the bottom of the baluster using a metal cutting saw.

On balconies, measure the length of the nipple and drill that amount into the handrail.

Step 5 - Epoxy

Add epoxy to both holes, add the shoe or knuckle(s) to the baluster (if applicable) and then place the baluster down into the tread and up into the handrail. You will need to add at least one shim to the bottom of the baluster to keep it from sliding down. At this time, you can apply a dab of epoxy and slide the shoe down. Let stand for 24 hours before applying any pressure.

Tools Needed

   * Hammer
   * Drill and drill bits
   * Metal cutting saw
   * Epoxy
   * Epoxy gun
   * Pencil
   * Ruller
   * 4’ Level
   * Shims