What to Do in Case of Typhoon

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In case of typhoon and flood
Many typhoons come to Japan from summer to fall. The strong winds and heavy rains can cause both landslides and floods. Keep in your mind the things below, to best prepare for strong winds and floods.

To prepare for typhoon and flood

  1. Check your house maintenance, and if necessary, fix and give a reinforcement for the minimum damage.
  2. Put some craft tape or vinyl tape on the windows for reinforcement, and if your windows have shutters, close them.
  3. If you have a garbage can, flower pot or some other objects on your balcony or in your garden, it is a good idea to bring them inside the house or tie them down, in order to prevent them from blowing away in the strong winds.
  4. Give some reinforcement with stud or steel wire for TV antenna.
  5. Clean the side groove not to plug up with mud or dust around your house.
  6. If you live in a low-lying area (at or below sea level), put your furniture and electric appliances high in the house.
  7. Put a flashlight and portable radio somewhere all family members know, to prepare for a power outage.
  8. Prepare emergency items, and put them in a convenient location makes them easy to take with you in case of emergency.
  9. Check the safety evacuation areas and evacuation routed near your house.
  10. At the Municipal and Ward Offices, fire stations and Development Center (there are some different names at the area), there are information for the safety evacuation areas and "the MAP for the dangerous place of the area" which show you some place could have landslide or collapse when they have a lots of rain.

In case of typhoon

  1. Do not go out in the strong typhoon winds.
  2. If you really must go out, wear a helmet or thick hat.
  3. Do not get close to a broken utility pole or any cut/downed electric wire.
  4. Pay attention to the weathercast and news,
  5. Especially there are some old person, sick person or babies in your family, evacuate sooner.