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Basic Hygiene Principles

  1. What are the Most Important Hygiene Principles
  2. How to Protect a Well or a Water Point
  3. How to Make Natural Cleaners
  4. How to Sterilise Bottles
  5. Refrigeration for Developing Countries
  6. How to Refrigerate Vaccines with Solar Photovoltaic Energy
  7. How to Make a Natural Nail File

Specific Hygiene Principles

  1. What to Do in Case of Diarrhoea
  2. What to Do in Case of Epidemy
    1. What to Do in Case of Cholera Epidemy
    2. What to Do in Case of Dengue Epidemy
    3. What to Do in Case of Malaria Epidemy
    4. What to Do in Case of Bird Flu Epidemy


  1. Smoking Prevention Campaign
  2. Poster for the Prevention of Sexually Transmissible Diseases
  3. Poster for the Prevention of Mosquito Bites
  4. Poster to Promote Hand Washing
  5. Poster for the Prevention of Indoor Pollution

Parasite Management

  1. How to Make a Tsetse Fly Trap

Plants and Health

  1. Medicinal Plants of Africa
  2. Medicinal Plants of North America
  3. Medicinal Plants of South America
  4. Medicinal Plants of Australia
  5. Medicinal Plants of Asia
  6. Medicinal Plants of Europe
  7. Papaya Leaves Tea
  8. Artemisia Annua

Disability and Development

  1. Prostetics and Equipment Design for People with Disabilities

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