How to Build a Winiarski Rocket Stove

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This article is a draft. It was just started and needs further work.

Short Description

  • Problem: Inefficiency of Wood Stoves, Wood Shortage
  • Idea: Insulating the Stove and Directing Heat Around the Pot
  • Material Needed: A big bin can, Ashes or heat resistant insulating material, a tool to cut thin metal sheets
  • How Long does it take? Up to one day


Due to increasing wood shortage in many regions of the world, it is necessary to improve the normal open fire cooking, and most of the stoves. The heat produced by an open fire or by a normal stove is mostly lost in the air or in the materials that make the stove. This stove design proposes to insulate the combusting chamber and to direct the heat of the fire on to the cooking pot. It can be made this way:

  • a big tin can which will become the combustion chamber. It has a hole on top, where the pot will come, and one on the side for the fuel magazine.
  • a fuel magazine made of a sheet of metal bent into a tube, connected to the lower part of the combustion chamber. It should be quite narrow and relatively long, to encourage the user to cut the wood into long sticks that burn more efficiently
  • a grid laying in the middle of the fuel magazine will support the wood sticks and let air warm up before it comes to the combustion chamber
  • Once you have connected the two parts of this "elbow" you have to put the elbow in a bigger can, recipient, and fill in the distance between the elbow and the outside recipient with insulation material like wood ashes or perlite.
  • You will put your pots on the top of the chimney, be sure they can be stable.
  • an important part for the efficiency of the stove is the "skirt": It is a piece of metal sheet that fits 2 cm apart from your pots sides, to force the heat along the sides instead of vanishing in the air.
  • If you want to cook even more efficiently, read the Haybox technique where one lets the food cooking in an insulated box after the first boil.


Success Story

Models of the Winiarski Rocket Stove has been built successfully the last 13 years in more than 20 countries

Plans and Illustrations



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Link to Fourthway's poster "How to make a fuel saving stove":


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