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What is a Q-Drum?


The Q-Drum is a low cost rollable water container for developing countries.

It is a strong cylindrical rollable container made out of Linear Low Density Polyethylene. It can contain up to 50 liters. The principle is a "doughnut like" hole in the drum allowing to roll the container with a rope.

The uniqueness of the Q-Drum lies in the idea and design of the longitudinal shaft or doughnut hole, and is acknowledged by the fact that Worldwide patents have been granted for the concept, thus confirming the novelty & inventiveness of the design.

The Q-Drum provides a simplistic, cost effective and durable solution: There are no removable or breakable handles or axles, and the rope can be repaired on the spot or replaced by means available everywhere, such as a leather thong or a rope woven from plant material.

The Drum is manufactured from Linear Low Density Polyethylene through either rotational or blow moulding and has a high compatibility with foodstuffs and water. It's durability has been proven by Kaymac Rotomoulders via a 3 metre drop-test filled with water as well as extensive actual use in rural areas of South Africa and Angola. With the Q-drum, even a child can pull 50 litres of water over flat terrain for several kilometres without undue strain, and could shift the burden of water collection away from adult women to children and reduce the existing burden on the children at the same time.
The Q-drum also exist in 70 liter.


Q Drum (Pty) Ltd
Mr Pieter Hendrikse, Managing Director
PO Box 4099, Pietersburg, 0700, South Africa Tel. Number:+27 (0) 15 297-6762 Fax Number:+27 (0) 15 297-6762 Mobile:+27 (0) 82 854-3790

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