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Tweaks explained

Water powered machinery has to be connected to power source via shafts and belts, which is a lot less convenient and easy compared to electric motors. This is one of the main reasons electricity took over in factories a century or so ago.

"small scale water-power is the only practical local source of mechanical energy, now and forever."

Its not the only practical option, but it is a prime one. Wind power and animal power are also long established options. The claim that no other option will be practical forever more is too wild to need further comment. Waterpower has never been the only power source, animal power has long been popular, and there are others.

"Most machines found in workshops are driven by electric motors of 0.5 to 5 horse power."

Many power tools use less than 375w.

"turbines... cost nothing to run"

one word for you: amortization. -Anon