How to Cook with Little Fuel (Wood, Charcoal)

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This article is a draft. It was just started and needs further work.

Short Description

  • Problem: Lack of Wood, Inefficiency of Charcoal Stoves
  • Idea: Bricks and a sprocket build a stove
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Price Range: Less than US$ 1
  • Material Needed: Six bricks, one sprocket (alternatively: metal bars), metal wire
  • How Many people? One person
  • How Long does it take? Up to one day


The use of insulated bricks and a sprocket can build a construction called �Sprocket Rocket�. This type of stove is used with charcoal and is highly efficient because the combustion takes place in insulated surroundings.

How to Build the Stove

Step 1: Wire six half bricks together. You can also use five half bricks for the bottom leaving a hole for a door.
First layer
Step 2: Put the sprocket on top of these brick. Instead of a sprocket you can also use metal rods or grids.
Second layer
Step 3: Finally another layer of six half bricks are wired together and put on top of the sprocket. You can use the "Sprocket Rocket" as built or encase it with heat resisting material.
As built stove with burning charcoal Encased stove

Success Story

Uganda, 2006

References and Further Reading

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